Neverwinter Nights

The Road to Caer Camlin

a Neverwinter Nights® module by Ralf Schemmann (© Copyright 2002)

The road from Ostelor to Caer Camlin, the ancestral home of the kings of Gwynneth, leads through dark woods and the foothills of the "Pillars of the Sky". Since the recent troubles among the royal princes the road's security has been neglected. Wild animals roam near the road and bandits are an ever present danger. Will you get safely to Caer Camlin?. And what dangers and encounters wait for you on the road?

The missing son


"The Road to Caer Camlin" - English version (600kb)

"Die Straße nach Caer Camlin" - Deutsche Version (638kb)

I have posted the module to the Neverwinter Vault, a great collection of NWN material. If you like my adventure, please comment or vote on it in their modules section: The Road to Caer Camlin.

The Stream

This is an adventure module for the computer game Neverwinter Nights®. You must have a legal copy to play it. As my very first NWN module, "The Road to Caer Camlin" is fairly short and straightforward. It contains 6 areas, 6 quests of varying scope, 9 interactive NPCs, and can bee completed in approximately an hour. More notes can be found in the accompanying readme file.

The Peddler


The Road to Caer Camlin

The adventure takes a place on the backcountry road from Ostelor on the Sea of Cold to Caer Camlin, the ancestral seat of the current kings of Gwynneth. Since Prince Geren accused his brother Corwin of poisoning their father the kingdom has been in turmoil. Geren is less than liked, and the counts are questioning his right to the throne and ability to rule. All the while Prince Corwin, believed by many to be innocent and the rightful heir, languishes in his brother's dungeon.

While politics are not made on the forest road, its effects may still be felt there. The counts are occupied with the sitaution in the capital and do not secure the roads as they are supposed to do. Wild beasts roam near the settlements and bandits prey on unwary travellers. Thus a simple journey becomes an adventure.

More information on Gwynneth and its politics can be found in the comprehensive description of the country.


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