Since I discovered the joys and pains of HTML and the World Wide Web back in 1996 I have been slowly building the presence of Jhendor on the web. Many good websites helped me in this endeavour and I found a host of wonderful and interesting places in the online community. Here is a small selection of my favourite sites on the web that have to do with roleplaying and world-building.


  • Worlds in the Net

    Worlds in the Net

    The authorative listing of world projects on the web by Juha Vesanto. You can browse for hours through people's roleplaying and fiction worlds from this list.

  • World Building

    by Juha Vesanto is a good starting point for further information on world building on the web.

  • Breminor


    by Anthony Marker and others is another great example of world-building and contains many fine maps made with CC2.


  • ProFantasy Software Ltd.

    Profantasy Software

    ProFantasy are the makers of the excellent mapping software "Campaign Cartographer", which I use to draw my maps. They also have the best user support I've ever seen and are a bunch of very friendly people. I do some work for them occasionally.

  • Mapventures

    Grimur Fjeldsted's Mapventures page features many excellent examle maps and sells small add-ons to Campaign Cartographer 3.

  • CC2 Mailing List
  • Click here to join cc2-l
    Click to join cc2-l

    if you use CC2 to draw maps or other stuff, this is definitely the place to be. It is not only the friendliest mailing list on the web (that I know of), but its 1000+ members also possess an invaluable store of tips and tricks for cc2 and cartography in general.


  • Epic Fantasy Roleplaying Game

    Epic Banner

    Richard Mayo's project of his own rpg ruleset (Epic Fantasy Roleplaying Game) has included Jhendor as one suggestions for a possible game world.

  • RPGnet


    Want to stay uptodate with the development of the RPG industry? Want to read reviews of RPG books before you buy them? Need some advice on GMing or game design? Then RPGNet is the place for you.

  • Steffan O'Sullivan's FUDGE page


    FUDGE is my current gaming system of choice, and I can only recommend it. Steffan is the author and you can find tons of FUDGE material on and from his page. Including the rules for download - they are free!

  • RuneQuest description by Loren Miller

    RuneQuest Cover

    I'd love to put up a link to the current incarnation of RuneQuest, but there is no such thing. Since Glorantha got a new set of rules and Avalon Hill has been taken over by Hasbro all plans for a 4th edition of RuneQuest have obviously been shelved. As a substitute you'll find a description of the 3rd edition at the above URL.

  • Johnn Four's Roleplaying Tips

    Johnn publishes an email newsletter with tips for roleplayers, both players and GMs. It comes out each Monday and is wonderful source of ideas.

  • The Welsh Piper

    Welsh Piper

    Check out the Welsh Piper's new generic role-playing game "Chimera".

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