Mythical History


In the beginning there was only primal chaos. It encompassed all possibilities but all were fleeting, changing images without permanent form. Then one possibility emerged: the conscience of chaos. The conscience struggled against the forces of chaos that were pulling it apart. It wanted to remain aware. It wanted to be. It gave itself a shape. Thus the first permanent form emerged from primal chaos: the Dragon.

For an aeon the Dragon was content to be aware, observing the countless fleeting possibilities surrounding it. But slowly a strange feeling grew within the Dragon loneliness. It desired other beings to share Its thoughts and observations. Therefore the Dragon took images from the primal chaos and gave them form and mind. Thus were born the Powers, children of the Dragon, and they marvelled at their surroundings and their creator.

For an aeon the Dragon was content to teach Its children and to talk to them. Each Power had a mind and thoughts of its own and they became different from each other, but also alike because all were made from the same substance. At first they were content to learn from the Dragon and to talk to him. But their power was less than Its and they could not manipulate the primal chaos as It could, and slowly they became envious. They began to talk only to each other and not to their creator.

For an aeon the Dragon was content to watch Its children and to listen to them. But then their words became angry and sullen, and the Dragon was upset. It called the Powers together and said to them: "My children, what is it that you speak only to each other and not to me? And why are your words filled with anger and with hate?" Suddenly they were ashamed and cast their eyes to the ground and at first thy did not dare to answer. But then Yskir and Teclador, who were as brothers and chief among their kin, spoke up and said: "Why is it your power is so much greater than ours? Look at us! We are limited by our form and cannot shape the chaos as you can. Why did you create us so? We want the same power as you have." The Dragon shook Its head. "What you desire cannot be. I am the chaos while you are but aspects of it. How could you have the same power as me? It is impossible." At his words the Powers fell silent and went away. But soon their thoughts turned to envy and anger again. They spoke to each other that the Dragon had lied to them and that It kept the power from them because It was afraid. Then Yscir and Teclador spoke to their kin: "Let us join our strength together and go to the Dragon. Then we can take the power from It by force, and if It will not relinquish the power, we will destroy the Dragon. Only thus will we be free."

But the Dragon was aware of everything and heard all that was said. And when Its children came to take away Its power, the Dragon revealed Itself to them in all Its glory and they were struck in awe. As blind children they were before the Dragon, helpless and afraid. "You have rebelled against your creator," said the Dragon, "and for this I will punish you."

The Dragon set apart a tiny portion of the endless realm of chaos and created a great void around it that the Powers could not cross. Then It set them into this realm and spoke to them: "Here I will imprison you until the end of time and this will be your punishment: that you cannot cross the great void and travel only in this tiny world. But see, I am merciful and will grant you your greatest desire: You will be able to shape the chaos within this world as it pleases you." Still the Powers were afraid, for the world was so small, and they begged the Dragon to set them free again. But It would not listen, turned away from its children and left them alone.

And for an aeon the Dragon was content.

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