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Geography Sail the seas of Jhendor, ride across its plains and climb its mountains. Visit sprawling cities and travel through the world's nations. View the maps created by Jhendor's greatest cartographers and marvel at the natural wonders of this world.

People Read about the races that people the world and meet Jhendor's inhabitants, from the most humble of servants to the mightiest of kings and sorcerers. See the heroes who walk the lands and who battle against the Third Coming of the Cold King.

Legends Immerse yourself in the histories, legends and stories of the world of Jhendor. Read about secrets buried in the depths of time, hear the myths that have been created around half-forgotten truths and listen to the priests as they tell the tale of the gods.

Adventures Jhendor is a world of adventure. Court intrigue, legendary monsters and mythic enemies of mankind are bound to lead the unwary to his doom. Read about the quests that the world's heroes have undertaken and the dangers they have faced.

Inspirations How came it all about? Where are the roots and sources for the world of Jhendor and its stories and adventures? Who did all this? Read the answers to these questions here and follow the links that point to my favourite sites on the web.

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