Chronology of the Chelekantar Tlaroi

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Mythic Time     Amachtera creates the Tlaroi.
      The Tlaroi spread across Jhendor.
      Many wars between Humans and Tlaroi
      The Cold King stirs again. The Second Coming begins.
      The Tlaroi hide before the encroaching ice in their subterranean hives.
-450     End of the Second Coming
-400 -370   The Tlaroi emerge from their subterranean hiding places.
-370     Begin of recorded Tlaroi history
-300     Tlaroi Wars. Tlaroi states begin to clash for land and resources.
-280     Bjalukar is founded by a renegade queen.
-160 -140   Bjalukar becomes a major power in the Tlaroi wars.
-124     The female who will become the First Chélek is born in Bjalukar.
-100 -80   By forming several alliances Bjalukar enlarges its influence.
-88     The First Chélek becomes queen of Bjalukar.
-82 -73   The First Chélek develops a ritual to take over other Tlaroi states.
-71     Bjalukar conquers its chief rival Torropan. The First Chélek adds its people to her own, using her ritual for the first time.
-71 -4   Unification Wars. Through continuous warfare, excellent diplomacy, and with the help of her ritual, the First Chélek manages to bring all Tlaroi under her rule.
-4 -1   The First Chélek creates the "Bluestones", magical communication devices, to help administer her realm centrally.
0   Founding of the Empire Founding of the Tlaroian Empire (Chelekantar Tlaroi). The Chélek proclaims the empire and divides it into 27 provinces. Each is ruled by a female governor with a "Bluestone", but all Tlaroi are children of the Empress (Chélek). Bjalukar is renamed Chélekar. The Empire stretches from the Great Dust Desert to the Sea of Cold and from the Star Sea to the Belvor Mountains.
3 34 Uritian Campaigns Uritian Campaigns. After consolidating the Empire the First Chélek embarks on a thirty year campaign to subjugate the Uritian tribes on the Sea of Storms. Resistance is fierce but eventually all have to bow to the Chélek.
34   In the Battle of Shadows' Peakthe last defiant Uritians led by their shamans are defeated.
38 59   In a series of reforms the Chélek rearranges the provinces to accomodate the new territories. She produces enough offspring to populate the enlarged Empire.
60 121   Tlaroi population stabilizes. Uritians are encouraged to build their own cities under Tlaroian rule. The "Golden Rule" of the First Chélek.
114     The first humans are allowed to settle around Chélekar.
121     Deification of the First Chélek. She ascends to the realm of the gods to sit beside Amachtera and leaves the Empire to one of her daughters. From here on all Chélek are considered avatars of the sun goddess.
130 360 Rimward Colonization Rimward colonization. The Empire's human population swells and many Uritians settle rimward of their old lands, founding new cities. Tlaroian armies follow this expansion and claim the new cities for the Empire.
362     The Uritian city Tellur rebels and defeats its undermanned Tlaroi garrison. All Tlaroi are massacred.
362 385 Uritian Rebellion and Pacification Campaign The Uritian rebellion. Following the example of Tellur, many human cities rebel against Tlaroian rule. Overstretched Tlaroi legions cannot quell the unrest and suffer many defeats.
367   An alliance of three rebelllious cities takes and razes the provincial capital at Garrakan. The first Bluestone is destroyed.
385 392 Pacification Campaign. The fourth Chélek embarks on a bloody campaign to suppress all human uprisings. Disunity among the Uritian cities prevents a human alliance and the rebels are defeated one after another.
392 421   The Great Reform. Seeing that she alone cannot breed enough Tlaroi to populate the empire, the Fourth Chélek institutes six fertile governors who create their own people. The Tlaroi population rises sharply and the Empire tightens its control of its lands.
423 426 First and Second Errudan War First Errudan War. Border disputes with the League of Errudan erupt into a local war. Tlaroi involvement remains restricted to a provincial level.
426   The Chélek makes peace with Errudan.
430 480 The fourth Chélek implements a slow but steady expansion program ro rimward and trailing. She creates several new fertile governors.
480 484 Second Errudan War. The Empire clashes with the expanding League of Errudan. Tlaroi legions gain the upper hand, but the death of the Empress and a provincial rebellion brings the Tlaroian advance to a halt.
484     Death of the fourth Chelek
484 491 Provincial Rebellion, Sorceress' Crusade and Third Errudan War The Provincial Rebellion. The governor of Kjarnur declares independence from the Empire, executing all imperial servants at her court. The huge distance from Chélekar and fear of other provincial rebellions slow Imperial reactions.
492 499 The Sorceress' Crusade. While many of the fertile governors watch from the sidelines, the fifth Chélek attacks the province of Kjarnur, teleporting two elite legions right into the heartland of the rebels. Fighting is hard and bitter and many destructive magics are released. In the end the rebel governor is defeated and killed. The Chélek demonstrates that she still knows how to perform the First Chélek's ritual and binds the rebel Tlaroi to herself.
500 502 The Chélek tours the Empire, demonstrating her power and exacting new oaths of loyalty from the governors.
502 505 Third Errudan War. Thinking the Empire weakened by the provincial rebellion the Errudan League attacks. One army attacks the rimward provinces, while another crosses the Belvor Mountains (with the help of the Belvor) and lays siege to Chélekar itself.
503 505 Siege of Chélekar. Against the hopes of Errudan, most humans remain loyal to the Empire and fight on the side of the Tlaroi. Chélekar remains undefeated.
505   After defeating the rimward Errudan army the Chélek reliefs the capital, routing the besieging forces completely. The Third Errudan War ends with the pre-war borders restored.
505 582   The Uneasy Peace. Errudan and the empire watch each other closely, all the while building up their armies for the inevitable next war.
583     Death of the fifth Chélek
583 591 Fourth Errudan War Fourth Errudan War. The League attacks the empire in the hope of using the death of the Chélek to their advantage. Errudan armies score some early victories, but eventually Tlaroian numbers and military strength rule the war. The league is invaded und largely subjugated. The rest splits up into minor city states.
590   The Sack of Errudan. The city of Errudan is captured and razed. No stone is left standing and no inhabitant left alive.
591 598   Construction of the Tlaroian fortress at Errudan. The Tlaroi built a mighty fortress on the site of the razed city. The Chélek herself oversees the construction.
600 960   The Tlaroian Peace. The Tlaroi slowly and cautiously consolidate their empire. Since the provincial rebellion the Chélek are always wary of their governors and keep close tabs on them. Humans prosper and their numbers swell.
650 800   Tlaroi and humans slowly settle the Gronea Peninsula.
676   Jeratea mystery and Belvor War A Tlaroi expedition into the Jeratea peninsula vanishes without trace.
681   Tlaroi establish a fortified outpost on Jeratea.
682   Any contact to the Jeratea outpost is lost. A further expedition finds the fort empty without any trace of the garrison. The Tlaroi abandon any attempts to settle Jeratea.
683 720 Humans from the Empire establish a few fishing villages on the coast of Jeratea. Imperial authority is formally acknowldeged, but Tlaroian rule remains tenous.
960 989 The Belvor War. The ambitious ninth Chélek tries to bring the subterranean Belvor under her control. The legions are repulsed in a series of bloody battles fought deep beneath the earth. The Chélek turns to human auxiliary troops to fight her war. Countless humans perish beneath the Belvor mountains.
989   Death of the ninth Chélek.
990   The tenth Chélek negotiates a peace treaty with the Belvor. The mountains are to be the Belvor's property "for all time".
1027 1030 A series of extremely hard winters kills coreward Tlaroi garrisons. The Chélek decides to abandon some of the coldest regions.
1030 1490   ...
1490 1502 Spinward Campaigns The Spinward Campaigns. The Tlaroi push spinward across the Cold River towards the Garwant Doriennar and Gontar's Bay.
1490 1492 A federation of human kingdoms under the leadership of Donar Swordbearer wins several battles against the Tlaroi.
1493   The Battle of Faelgan's Gap. The Chélek takes the field and defeats Donar's army. The Barbarian kingdoms on the Sea of Cold are integrated into the Empire.
1495 1502 The Tlaroi clash several times with Shirurshad armies. The Shirurshad are pushed back.
1502   The Tlaroian armies reach Gontar's Bay and stop their advance.
1504 1522 Trailing Campaigns and Siege of Lharach The Trailing Campaigns. In a two-pronged move the Tlaroi advance trailing through the Great Dust Desert and coreward from Errudan towards Lharach and the Bay of Dreaming.
1504 1507 The Tlaroi subjugate the Ssiss tribes of the desert, but never achieve complete control.
1508   The Battle of Mar'lian. Mar'lian falls before the Tlaroi armies.
1522   The combined Tlaroian armies reach Lharach. Begin of the Siege of Lharach.
1522 1732 The Siege of Lharach. The Tlaroi fail to storm the supremely defensible city of Lharach. The siege remains inconclusive because the Tlaroi cannot cut off Lharach's harbour.
1563     First Tlaroi intervention in the conflict between Gwynneth and Langein
1564 1571   Construction of Tlaroi fortress near Gwynnin
1621     Annihilation of the Karmaar tribes by Tlaroi forces.
1624     Short human uprising in Gwynneth under Bean the Ugly
1645     Second Tlaroi intervention in Gwynneth and Langein
1681 1682   Human uprising under Tornig "Blood-King" in Gwynneth against the Tlaroi.
1683 1687   Construction of Tlaroi fortress near Llannaid
1687     Third Tlaroi intervention in Gwynneth and Langein
1732   The Empire today Peace Treaty between Lharach and the Tlaroi. The siege of Lharach is finally lifted.

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