Alessandra is a sorceress who lives in and "rules" one of the countless quarters of Chélekar. Her rule is light and mainly manifests in the inability of anyone else to bully or tax her "subjects". She prefers her solitude and is rarely seen outside her spacious house, where she lives with a variety of elemental and magical servants. She took a lover for a while - more than twenty years ago - and had two sons (Garthan and Gwendon) with him, but they separated fairly quickly and he raised the children alone.

Not much is known about Alessandra's past. Several older people remember that she arrived in "her" quarter about 30 years ago - looking exactly the same as she does now -, made the former local potentate flee and took his house for her own. Keargan, her one-time lover, might know a bit more, but refuses to tell anyone - even his sons.

Alessandra powers seem to center around elemental summonings. Her house is filled with all kinds of magical servants that keep her home in order and she is known to have summmoned powerful earth, air and darkness elementals.

The sorceress seems to be very interested in the legends overy interested in the legends of the Ice King and the prohecies concerning his Third Coming. She tried to abduct a certain Zs'kar child that might have to do with these prohecies, but was captured by servants of the Cold King in the process. She was later freed from her imprisonment by nomads from the plains of Achdar and in return helped them to free the souls of their shamans.


Aleesandra looks like a beautiful young woman, but everyone agrees that she must be much older than she looks. Her long black hair falls straight down her back, and her lively green eyes accentuate a smooth face. She is of slender built and not very tall, but her strong aura make her stand out among other people nonetheless. How much of her appearance is natural and how much the product of her sorceries is unknown.

Alessandra seems to be a loner at heart. She keeps her own counsel and rarely discusses her thoughts and decisions with other people. She often appears aloof and arrogant.

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