Common People

A lot of people on Jhendor live quite ordinary lives. Be they actually commoners, nobles, merchants or of any other profession, here they are called common people, because they live according to what is seen as proper and "common" for their station. But sometimes their lives are touched by something - may you call it fate, luck, chance or history - and they are embroiled in larger events. Some are consumed by forces more powerful than themselves, but others adapt and live and begin to change history themselves. They are the true heroes of Jhendor.

The following is a list of NPCs that have appeared in the various Jhendor campaigns. Some are more important than others but each has his or her role to play.

  • Aiunn
    A beautiful and mysterious young woman from the great city Dar-Maran in Narsaria
  • Arwen ap Tereg
    The young niece of Count Tamaig ap Llannaid and cousin to King Geren
  • Tamaig ap Llannaid
    Count of Llannaid and one of the most powerful nobles of Gwynneth
  • Khaoh
    A young Shirurshad fighter from the Aorlarn clan
  • Quin Verrasantar
    A Narsarian Priest of Saër on a pilgrimage to Gwynnin, or is he?




Aiunn is one of the travellers who have recently arrived in Llannaid on board the Narsarian trading ship "Celara". She accompanies her ageing uncle Olorin Giamantor on a pilgrimage to Gwynnin's famous temple of Sar, together with the priests Quin Verrasantar and Lionafara Yalini. One the voyage she fell in love with the ship's navigator Tim Kallar and seems to be dragging him into the affairs of her companions, which might be much more than a simple pilgrimage.

The young woman is an exceptional beauty. Her long dark hair falls in cascading waves down her back, and the brown eyes in her fine, classical face could easily break any man's heart. She usually wears long dresses that accentuate her slender figure.



Arwen ap Tereg

Arwen, the young niece of Count Tamaig ap Llannaid and a cousin to the king of Gwynneth, frequently visits Llannaid. She likes to wander alone through the streets of the city and the forests of the county, away from her large family in Teregon. The count is not happy with this habit though, and his guard has standing orders to keep an eye on the young lady.

Not that the guards mind this duty very much, Arwen is a very pretty woman after all. Dark blonde curls frame her open and smiling face and her blue eyes. In summertime hundreds of freckles appear there, much to the dismay of the young lady. She is slender and rather small (5' 3". She is rarely seen without her pair of exquisite earrings, fashioned like bluebells, which are fitted with tiny tongues and jingle faintly when she moves her head. On her forays into the city and the countryside her loyal greyhound "Tam" accompanies her.

Gwendon recently discovered that Arwen is a member of a secret Kaira cult in Llannaid. Kaira is the goddess of dance and music, but also one of the gods of chaos, and her cult is outlawed in Gwynneth. It seems harmless and innocent enough though.




Khaoh is a young Shirurshad from the Aorlarn clan. He is of average height and build for one if his species and quite fast and agile. His fur has a silvery colour accentuated by darker stripes, and his mane is darker than the rest. His eyes are a startling green.

Khaoh has travelled quite widely and lived for a while in Boran, a mixed human-Shirurshad city, where he picked up a smattering of Andemachat. He is curious and quite open towards humans, but retains some of the typical Shirurshad arrogance towards other species.

Recently he had the hounour of being invited to a hunting expedition by his Shean (prince), where he was offered the chance to prove himself worthy of becoming a Liassori (noble warrior). Sadly for him the selected prey - the human warrior Setanta - turned out to be the better fighter and defeated him. Since then Khaoh has acted as a guide to Setanta and his companions to fulfill his obligation incurred by the defeat.


Quin Verrasantar

Quin Verrasantar

Quin, a Narsarian priest of Saër from the city of Dar-Maran, cultivates a distinguished and reserved demeanor. He accompanies the wealthy and influential Olorin Giamantor on a pilgrimage to the temple of Saër in Gwynnin. Quin is in his thirties, slender and not overly muscular. His red hair is rather uncommon for a Narsarian.

Recently his fellow travellers from Narsaria, specifically Morten Essansor and Tim Kallar, have come to doubt his identity as a priest of Saër. He seems to keep rather too much secrets and to be involved in too many shady happenings for a servant of truth and justice.

The picture shows Quin in the traditional habit of the Narsarian Saër cult. The symbol on the book in his left hand is the rune of truth and the book itself is probably one of the many sacred texts of his cult.


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