Tamaig ap Llannaid

Count of Llannaid

Count Tamaig ap Llannaid


The count is one of the most powerful individuals in the kingdom of Gwynneth. He controls the city of Llannaid which is a major port on the Sea of Cold and the kingdom's largest and richest city. Taxes and tariffs from the city have made his family the richest noble house next to the royal clan.

The House of Llannaid is famous for its loyalty to the throne and the count has always done everything to stand up to this reputation. His loyalty is rather aimed at the throne itself and the king as a symbol that at the person of King Geren. The count actually dislikes the king, whom he sees as a spoiled brat that was never trained to rule a kingdom. Until recently he gave nothing on the rumours about Geren falsely accusing his brother Corwin, thinking them the usual result of an unusual succession. As a devout follower of Saer, the god of justice, Tamaig also had strong faith in the reliability of the temple court that investigated the death of the old king. Recent events and the evidence presented by Malvin have convinced him otherwise though. He now actively opposes King Geren.

The count's antipathy towards the king prompts him to spend most of his time away from court. He prefime away from court. He prefers to remain in his family's castle in Llannaid overseeing the day-to-day administration of the city. He is in his late forties and married to his second wife, Countess Raenna. His first wife Deirdra failed to bear him any children and died several years ago. Raenna gave birth to three sons and one daughter who are now all in their teens and serve in the households of other noble families. The count and the countess are somewhat estranged and only see each other on formal occasions.

The count relies quite heavily on the advice of his council, which consists of three individuals: Bergen ap Llannaid, Tamaig's elderly uncle, Camrem, a priest of Saer and long-time friend of the family, and Levardos, a foreigner, who has risen to the post of captain of the city watch by proving his worth on several occasions. The count values his knowledge of things outside the kigndom of Gwynneth. The council actually had a fourth member until recently: Brandon ap Riados, captain of the household guard. He died in a confrontation with the king's men and Count Tamaig has vowed to avenge his death.

The count's favourite pastime is his collection of rare manuscripts. He considers himself a bit of an expert on the history and the legends of the countries around the Sea of Cold. He delights in conversation with learned strangers and often invites such people to his court when they come to his city. He himself travelled quite d quite a bit in his younger days, but since he inherited his father's title he has been naturally unable to travel far from his country. His age is beginning to show now and he isn't the traveller and fighter anymore he once was.


The count is a little over six feet tall and looks a bit haggard. His hair and beard are dark brown streaked with lines of grey. His dark grey eyes always look very serious, bordering on a penetrating stare. Lines accentuate his face and hands and make it obvious that he is not a young man. He looks like he might be in his late fourties or early fifties. His voice is deep and somber but sometimes fails him in longer speeches or conversations. He usually wears dark but rich clothing, befitting his station.

Judging from an amulet which the count wears around his neck, he is an initiate of the cult of Saer, god of truth and justice. But his ties to Liesson, god of combat and honour, are probably strong too.

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