Malvin's past is mysterious. Bits and pieces of his exploits have surfaced over time and it seems clear that he is much older than he looks. Whether his apparent lack of aging is a result of magic or some other factor is unknown. The following pieces of information are known to one or another PCs of the Jhendor campaigns. The names in brackets refer to the PCs who know the respective info.

During the mythological War of the Trinity, the name of Siresha's (the goddess of disease) general was Malvin, and he betrayed the Trinity in the final battle. Siresha's underground cult still curses the traitor today as the one responsible for her defeat and imprisonment. Since representations of the traitor are always faceless, it is unsure whether this is the same Malvin who still wanders the world today. (Turras, Seharan)

During the Second Coming (?), the people who lived in the area of today's Gwynneth retreated underground before the ice under the leadership of King Angeiron and his brother. Apparently Angeiron, who still stalks the catacombs as a ghost, knew Malvin personally. (Garthan, Gwendon, Morten, Turras)

NWN Malvin

More than two hundred years ago, Malvin lived in Lharach on the Eternal Sea and was one of the city's sorcerers, today known as the "Cursed". He left after his lover Dessylyn killed herself, and his attempts to bring her back to life were frustrated again and again. His empty tower still stands in the city. (Garthan, Gwendon, Turras, Ajac)

After leaving Lharach, Malvin travelled to the Isles of the Dreamers and entered their order. He spent several decades on the isles, but eventually left again. His name was purged from the records of the Dreamers. (Garthan, Gwendon, Turras, Ajac)

Several year's ago Malvin led a small mercenary band in a trade war in the Garwant Doriennar. When his band was ambushed, he saved several of his men by charging the enemy and giving them the chance to escape. He was believed to be dead by the survivors, among them Turras si Verion. (Turras)

Some years later he resurfaced in Chélekar and demonstrated his knowledge of arcane lore, when he summoned the Dark Muse of Dreams, probably a servant or incarnation of Shenan, for the poet Opyros. (Garthan, Gwendon, Turras)

Shortly afterwards Malvin teamed up with the wealthy and powerful Demetrion Kiraljar to gain control of human Chélekar. They were almost successful, but Tlaroi intervention shattered their plans and Malvin had to flee Chélekar. (Garthan, Gwendon, Turras)

Mavlin travelled to Gwynneth and began to meddle in the kingdom's politics. He was outlawed for a while after Prince Geren gained the throne, but luck turned in his direction with Geren's death. (Turras, Gwendon, Tim Kallar, Morten Essansor)

Several year's later Malvin made his appearance as a mercenary general during the siege of Lynortis. After the Narsarian army was defeated by Uthoroc the Cruel, Malvin took over the defense of the city. During this time Malvin demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the city's catacombs - he seemed to know them better than even the Lynortians themselves. (The Nomads)


Malvin is a huge man, not overly tall, but immensely broad. His bulging muscles are usually hidden beneath armour and cloak, but are a sight to behold when he is clothed more casually. His bright red hair and beard can be long and unkempt or short and neat, depending on the circumstances Malvin is living in or on his mood. Striking as this appearance is, it pales in comparison to the fire and intensity of his eyes. A cold light shines in them, that seems to consume everything when it flares up. Few can stand Malvin's gaze and all shudder when they look in his eyes, as they become aware that these are the eyes of a murderer.

Despite this rough and dangerous appearance Malvin can be a civilised, even charming conversationalist. His knowledge is vast and listeners often have the impression that he has seen and experienced everything he talks about. Malvin is a skilled diplomat if he wants something, but tends to be rude and impatient when dealing with people he deems unimportant to his goals.

At first glance Malvin might pass for a barbarian Skaltan from the mountains, but closer acquaintance will reveal that he carries a certain archaic aura that sets him apart from all other men. It seems like all the lands he has visited and the lives he has lived have left only a thin veneer on a primeval body and soul.

[Thanks to Karl Edward Wagner who's stories around the immortal wanderer Kane inspired this character. Go read his books!]

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