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City Maps

These maps were drawn with the help of City Designer 2, my favorite add-on to CC2.

All files are available as previews (jpg images) and downloads (CC2- or pdf-files ). All CC2 files are version 6.

You are free to download and distribute this material for non-commercial purposes except where noted otherwise. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me.

If you like my maps and download one or more of them, please leave a short message in my guestbook.

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CC2 Version 6

City Maps

Click on image to see larger preview Gwynnin (Jhendor) Gwynnin is the capital of the kingdom of Gwynneth and lies near the country's coreward border. It's distance from the sea makes it less economically important than other cities in Gwynneth. (242kb)
Click on image to see larger preview Gwynnin center (Jhendor) This is an enlarged detail of the Gwynnin city map. (47kb)
Click on image to see larger preview Llannaid (Jhendor) Llannaid is the most important harbour of the kingdom of Gwynneth. It is situated on the Sea of Cold and functions as the gateway to Gwynneth and the neighbouring lands for the Narsarian merchants. The city is ruled by Count Tamaig ap Llannaid with a stern but just hand. (274kb)
Click on image to see larger preview Rask (Middle-earth) Rask is one of the seven cities of Sirayn. Situated at the river bend where the Siresha turns east towards Charnesra and Tul Harar, Rask is a mandatory stopping point along the Camel Road. (90kb)


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