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Map Parts

Parts are small drawings that can easily be imported into other maps.

All files are available as previews (jpg images) and downloads (CC2- or pdf-files ). All CC2 files are version 6.

You are free to download and distribute this material for non-commercial purposes except where noted otherwise. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me.

If you like my maps and download one or more of them, please leave a short message in my guestbook.

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Preview Title Description Download
CC2 Version 6

Map parts

Click on image to see larger preview Bireme This is an image of a galley suitable for map illumation or drawings. (10kb)
Click on image to see larger preview Jhendor Contour Bar I used this contour bar for my Topographical map of Jhendor. It resembles a modern atlas style. (5kb)


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