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Here you can find portraits of PCs and NPCs appearing in my campaigns. All images were done with the Character Artist add-on of CC2.

All files are available as previews (jpg images) and downloads (CC2- or pdf-files ). All CC2 files are version 6.

You are free to download and distribute this material for non-commercial purposes except where noted otherwise. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me.

If you like my maps and download one or more of them, please leave a short message in my guestbook.

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CC2 Version 6

Character Portraits

Click on image to see larger preview Aventurien characters Portraits of PCs and NPCs from my Aventurien campaign (German game world). (373kb)
Click on image to see larger preview Known World characters In addtion to GMing Jhendor, I play in my friend's campaign world. These are characters from his campaigns. (216kb)
Click on image to see larger preview Characters of Jhendor A selection of characters (both PCs and NPCs) from my Jhendor campaigns. (339kb)


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